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My name is Jonathan Glazier, I've worked in design and web development since 1979 and I am n turning all those years of experience into a business. I'm also a director at a TV production company and am a former head of entertainment at the BBC. We specialise in web video.


I have a great family but I am the only boy, I spend my every waking moment at home surrounded by Barbies, cuddly toys and Pink. Pink is a key part of our household and my girls know that Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys. It has always been this way however, in these enlightened times I wear pink, "But daddy you are not a girl?"
We solved this challenge with manPink {#ff00ff 255, 0, 255}
manPink is a phrase close to my family life and always name your company after some thing you love... this is manPink...
a fully serviced web design, hosting and video hosting agency in Cambridge UK. Always friendly, if you are local we are very friendy and we talk in plain English!

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